Minnesota Department of Transportation

Navigation Tips for Using Minnesota’s 511 Phone Service

Thank you for using Minnesota's 511 Traveler Information phone service. The following tips will help you successfully navigate through the voice-activated phone menu system. 511 is an automated system and you will be listening to a computer-generated operator.

GETTING STARTED: Dial 511 (within Minnesota) from your landline or wireless phone. If you are calling from outside Minnesota's coverage area or if your phone service provider does not yet participate in the 511 effort, you will need to dial 1-800-542-0220. This is a toll-free number.

WELCOME MESSAGE: Once you're connected to 511 you will hear a welcome message. The operator will prompt you with instructions on how to proceed. If you already know the route number you want, you can enter it now without going to the main menu.


Say "Route Reports" or Press 1
To get reports on Highway 60, for example, say "Highway 60" or press 60.
Say "Route Reports" or Press 1
To get reports on Highway 60, for example, say "Highway 60" or press 60.
Say "Regional Reports" or Press 2
Select the name of the region you want.
Say "Truckers' Reports" or Press 3
Select a route number to hear size and weight restrictions.
Say "Transit Information" or Press 4
Get information and phone numbers for transit providers in Minnesota.
Say "Nearby States' 511" or Press 5
Transfer to toll-free 511 phone systems for surrounding states.
Say "Comment" or Press 6
At the tone, leave your comments on the 511 system.

CONFIRMATION OF YOUR SELECTIONS: Each time you select a route number using your voice, the 511 operator will ask you to confirm your selection by saying "yes" or "no." If you select a route number matching more than one highway (such as a state route and an interstate), the 511 operator will ask you to confirm which route you want.

RETURN TO MAIN MENU: To return to the main menu at any time during your call, say "menu" or press 0.

GETTING HELP: Say "help" or press ## (pound pound) on your phone's keypad at any time during your call for more instructions on how to use 511.

VOICE- OR KEYPAD-ACTIVATED: You can either speak or use your phone's keypad to make requests while using 511. For example, you can request reports for Highway 52 by saying "Highway 52" or by pressing 52 on your keypad. The voice-response system uses advanced technology to interpret your commands. There may be some instances when the caller's speech cannot be understood. If the system is unable to interpret your command, re-enter the command using your keypad.

NAVIGATION: To repeat a report, say "repeat" or press * (star) on your phone's keypad. To go back to the previous report or menu, say "go back" or press ** (star star). To skip forward to the next report in the list, say "go forward" or press # (pound).

LACK OF RESPONSE: If you don't respond to the system operator, or if it doesn't understand your voice commands, you will be returned to the main menu.

USING YOUR WIRELESS PHONE: Information regarding road and traffic conditions can be a valuable tool for en route decision-making. Should I consider taking another route? Are road conditions deteriorating and is it time for me to find a safe place to wait for improved conditions? Motorist safety is the MnDOT's number one priority. Therefore, MnDOT encourages responsible use of your wireless phone. That means pulling off at a rest area, fueling station, restaurant or other location to make your call. (Parking on the shoulder of an interstate highway for non-emergency purposes is illegal in Minnesota.)